Brian Egly


I grew up in a great neighborhood in New Lenox.  There were lots of young families and plenty of kids to play with.  There was a creek to fish in, parks to play in, and streetlights that told us when to go home in the evening.  It was a great place to grow up and I have many fond memories of my childhood there.  I worked at Charleston's Bar & Grill (An affiliate of Dock Rotz Tavern) for about a year back in 2011.  My current boss reached out to me in July of 2013 to ask if I would come bartend/manage for him at Dock Rotz Tavern.  I was beyond thrilled to rejoin such an amazing team!  I left my job tending bar in Wrigleyville and came down to Minooka and have been here since we opened in August 2013.  On my days off you'll probably find me putting plenty of miles on my convertible.  One of the most theraputic things in my world is a drop top, and open highway and some great tunes!  If I would have to describe myself in one word, that would would be humble.  I try not to take anything for granted and try to appreciate everything and everyone that I come into contact with.  Tomorrow is not a given; appreciate what you have today!